... "A Credit Check is a CTOS Check!"

1. What is CTOS?

2. Are the activities of Credit Reporting Agencies regulated?

3. Can I prevent Credit Reporting Agencies from keeping information about me?

4. Where does CTOS get its information?

5. Can I access my own credit report?

6. Can I get my credit information over the phone?

7. How can I get my CTOS Self-Check Report?

8. Does CTOS decide whether to approve my loans or credit applications?

9. My credit application was rejected by a financial institution. Does that mean I am blacklisted?

10. My credit application was turned down by a financial institution. Will all other financial institutions do the same?

11. Can I update my record to reflect a case settlement/conclusion?

12. What can I do if I find inaccurate credit information in my CTOS credit report?

13. What are Subjects' Comments?

14. Who creates my credit history?

15. Why is creating positive credit history important?

16. I have negative credit history. What can I do?

17. Will banks and financial institutions consider my applications when I have rectified the default?